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say you don’t need me,
and i’ll say i don’t need you
and i’ll lie about the awful things
that we used to brand ourselves with
(you’re cynical, you’re ruined, you’re acid rain)
but before, deep in our own heads,
we shared a common hallucination —
a combination to counter our curse.

this is how we survive
in this breakneck world of love through landlines
and you can’t sing, so i’d sing it loud:
“oh, let me leave without a doubt”

the hand is shoving forward,
and we can never sleep again.
oh, always: we can’t ever sleep again.

she’s here!
drink up!
drink till she stops speaking to you.
but you won’t stop. it’ll bottle up and burst.
you never ever said i’d be a piece of the past
that you don’t want.
now slip down shirts,
let’s touch each other like we used to.
it’s all the same to me.

you’ve got your skirt cut up so high
and it gets worse by the hour.
“oh, someone notice” —
you’re the reason we have bars on our windows…
you’re the reason we have padded walls…
you’re the reason that i find to try.

dragged along the edge of black plastic glasses,
and pints,
and walks of shame.
show them what you’re standing for.
just one word and out come the death threats,
secrets cocked,
ready to let loose.
“just one more, one more, one more”,
until she gets thrown out.
now the men on the street are screaming
“broken hearts can’t save you,
but broken bones might be alright”

she tried to stab me in the back in a record store ,
so i kicked her teeth in,
in front of the astronaut on the album sleeve.
the first part was your fault; the last part was mine
it’s fractured love.
you’re a downward spiral, and it’s just so easy
to get sucked in again and again
i don’t want to remember anything; i just want to survive you.

in the end we just switched places —
i’m tripping out on lights while you stare into the dark.
autumn, don’t you miss me?
on second street the boys’ll chase our years away.


from This Is How We Survive, released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


The Ground is Dancing Daytona Beach, Florida

The Ground is Dancing are four manly men who have a thirst for alcohol and beards. Just think if Taking Back Sunday, Blink- 182, Modest Mouse, Brand New, Incubus, your local classic rock radio station, and Olivia Newton-John got together and had a love child…and then aborted it eight months into the pregnancy. ... more

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